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The Teme Valley Wildlife Group is a local group of wildlife enthusiasts, living and working within the Teme Valley (North & South) area, of Worcestershire, UK. This area covers the River Teme from Ludlow to Clifton and either side of the valley, the center point being Upper Rochford and a 10 mile radius thereof (roughly!). The Outer Area therefore Clockwise is Clee>Cleobury>Abberley>Martley>Bromyard>Leominster>Bircher>Ludlow>Clee...and hence therefore includes some small parts of the Worcestershire border areas of both Shropshire to the North-West and Herefordshire to the West and South-West.

This site has fast become the biological recording center for the Teme Valley, which by use of ‘eyes and ears’ of local people living and working in the area, has developed into a definitive reference catalogue, showing the diversity of species we have present in our area.

We actively encourage local participation within the Group and on this web site.
We want to know what you are seeing and hearing on the wildlife front in our area and welcome any comments, information or photographs you take, from locals and visitors alike.

We will endeavour to update this site at least weekly when ever possible.

All photos on this site are by Danny Arnold (DMA) unless otherwise credited. All photos remain copyright of the photographer.

No re-publication without express permission. Web masters may freely link to this site.



The Teme Valley Wildlife Group holds a Monthly Meeting on the second Thursday of the Month. The Venue is Rochford Village Hall between 7:30 and 9:30 pm. Grid Ref: SO 6338 6770 or Google Earth ....52.18'22.44 N      2.32'18.33 W.

Want directions with a map?..click here.   Post Code : WR15 8SW

                     Everybody is most welcome to indoor meetings. £2 on the door.        Membership is optional, £2 per annum

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September 10th 2015 Danny Arnold

The Wildlife of Islay

October 8th 2015 Dominique cragg Breeding Populations of Corn Buntings in Worcs
November 12th 2015 Gordon Forest Upton Warren
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Weekly Update


17 December A distinct case of having woken up too soon. Danny Arnold had a Pipestrel Bat flying around the outside of the house this afternoon, probably enticed out by the unseasonally warm weather today and last night. A very unusual winter record.

10 December Danny Arnold had 14 Buzzards feeding on worms on the field adjacent to Eastham Bridge today.

7 December Out at Neen Sollars, Eric Davies has had half a dozen Mistle Thrush in his orchard over the past few weeks. Many of these may well be Scandinavian birds from the continent.


                                                                                    Mistle Thrush                   Photo : Eric Davies

23 November As Ken Willetts noted in his email message attached to this image, when this moth turns up, the appropriately named December Moth, its a sure sign that Christmas is around the corner! Ken trapped and recorded this specimen to light over night.


                                                                                     December Moth                                      Photo : Ken Willetts

21 November At Clifton, Liz Rowe rang to say that she had seen a large flock of Lapwing on a field by her house. Nice to see these birds returning to our local fields again this year.

20 November On Oldwood Common, the combination of damp and warm conditions, have brought forth a plethora of fungi. John Abbiss who lives along side the Common, sent in these images. John says that the third image here, the Dogs Vomit Slime Mould, looks just like, well, er....Dogs Vomit!! (Thanks for that John!!)


                                                                                       Waxcap Fungi                                                Photo : John Abbiss


                                                                                       Waxcap Fungi                                                Photo : John Abbiss


                                                                        Dogs Vomit Slime Mould                                        Photo : John Abbiss


                                                                                        Puffball fungi                                                Photo : John Abbiss


                                                                                        Puffball fungi                                                Photo : John Abbiss

14 November At Upper Rochford, Danny Arnold has been seeing for the past couple of days, large (30+) flocks of Mistle Thrush passing through. Easily identifiable by the extreme noise they make whilst feeding on the berry trees locally.

2 November Over at Wolferlow, Stuart Smith added to his garden list, a Red Kite which was circling over the house for the first time. Amazingly, Stuart also had a flock of about forty Redwing on his patch today. Same birds as Danny saw yesterday maybe??

1 November At Upper Rochford, Danny Arnold saw the first Redwing flock of the year, flying at tree level towards Upper Sapey. Also at Upper Rochford, Caroline Roseman had a Red Kite flying over the house yesterday.

31 October On the high wood, Ken Willetts ran his light trap again last night and tempted in this tiny Ladybird along with a Feathered Thorn Moth and a very late Dark Arches moth.


                                                                                                 Ladybird                                      Photo : Ken Willetts


                                                                                           Dark Arches                                      Photo : Ken Willetts


                                                                                   Feathered Thorn                                      Photo : Ken Willetts

22 October In a sheltered location over on Oldwood Common, John Abbiss came across these late flowering plants, a nice blue bell flower and a Marsh Thistle.


                                                                                   Marsh Thistle                            Photo : John Abbiss


                                                        Flowers are still around on Oldwood Common                      Photo : John Abbiss

29 October Down at Eastham Bridge, the fields have once again got several Buzzards in them. They are clearly attracted to, and feeding on worms in the top soil. Pete Stevens reported 9 down there today.

22 October Quite a few of them about now, but still a stunning bird, even in the rain....stood on one leg keeping the other dry!

This pheasant image taken at Pete and Vicki's house at Lower Frith. The second image is of a large Hornet, which got into the bedroom to escape the rain!


                                                                                             Male Pheasant                                     Photo : Vicki Stevens


                                                                                              Hornet                                             Photo : Vicki Stevens

20 October More from the lens of John Abbiss at his home at Oldwood Common. A great image of a Nuthatch sorting his winter fuel supply out. Followed by an interesting little plume moth Amblyptilia acanthadactyla and lastly a Spotted Cranefly.


                                                                                            Nuthatch                                      Photo : John Abbiss


                                                                         Amblyptilia acanthadactyla                                     Photo : John Abbiss


                                                                          Spotted Cranefly                                      Photo : John Abbiss

20 October Ken Willetts on the Highwood had a light trap out last night and attracted in one of the most spectacular of the british moth species, the Merveille de Jour. This stunning moth is quite widespread across the Teme Valley, but is always a pleasure to see close up.


                                                                            Merveille de Jour Moth                                      Photo : Ken Willetts

16 October John Abbiss over at Oldwood Common, found this colourful Scorpion fly on his roses today. John also made note of the fact that having lived in the house for some 7 years now, this week was the first time he had ever had a Grey Wagtail in the garden.


                                                                            Scorpion Fly                                      Photo : John Abbiss

10 October Tim Studer over at Martley had a great sighting today of what he believes was an Osprey. He says that it had landed in a conifer some way off, which gave him a good chance to look at it, before it flew of in a Southerly direction, presumably making a late migration to warmer climes.

9 October Diana Parkin was busy pruning her roses today when the secateurs were just about to lop this stick appendage. Fortunately enough she stopped herself just in time as she realised it was a caterpillar. Using the Teme Valley Wildlife Groups library, she was able to identify this as the caterpillar of the Peppered Moth, as stunning black and white moth species which is found as an adult fairly regularly at light traps in the area. Finding the caterpillar larvae however, is a little more difficult!. And its easy to see why!


                                                                            Peppered Moth Larvae                                      Photo : Diana Parkin

4 October Steph Mocroft the TV Wildlife Groups regular botanist, sent in these brilliant images from the Wild Bird Seed Field. As can be seen, this late bout of warm weather has really brought on the Sunflower heads and there now, should be lots of seeds for over wintering teme valley birds.




                                                             Wild Bird Seed field, in full bloom                                      Photos : Steph Mocroft

2 October Simone and Roger Arnold sent in this image of a Great diving Water Beetle coming out of their garden pond. They say this is the first time they have seen one and didn't even know there were any in the pond.


                                                                         Great Diving Water Beetle        Photo : Simone Arnold

28 September Ken Willetts seems to be the only active photographer at the moment! This tiny moth called the Large Fruit Tree Tortrix moth, whilst small, is Large for a tortrix moth, which typically only measure a few millimeters in size. Nice garden record.


                                                                               Large Fruit Tree Tortrix                                 Photo : Ken Willetts

22 September Ken Willetts sent in this image of another Sallow moth. This is the same species as the one below, but just goes to show how variable the markings on this species can be.


                                                                                           The Sallow.                              Photo : Ken Willetts


20 September Although planted late, the wild bird seed field at Eastham has once again been a success with all the various seed crops planted coming through just in time. The Sunflowers were the main concern, but as Richard Pill's picture shows below, the additional bout of warm weather we have had over the last few days has brought them on and they are now in full flower. There should now be plenty of seeds for the birds over winter.


                                                                    The wild bird seed field at Eastham                              Photo : Richard Pill

18 September At Eastham, Janice Lucas photographed this pretty moth on the window which had been attracted to light during the previous evening. Its a Canary Shouldered Thorn.


                                                                  Canary Shouldered Thorn                              Photo : Janice Lucas

And on the Highwood, Autumnal moths are coming in thick and fast now. First for the year, Ken Willetts took this Black Rustic moth, another autumn species.


                                                                                           Black Rustic                              Photo : Ken Willetts

16 September Whilst up on the Clee Hill walking by the radar station, Eric Davies photographed this amazing sight. A whole host of House Martins flying around the site, presumably making ready for their flight back south. Its interesting to surmise as to why they were so prolific in this particular spot. It may be that insects were (are) attracted to the white golf ball like structure, which in turn lured the House Martins in to the area.


                                                  House Martins around the radar station                              Photo : Eric Davies

More proof, as if it were needed, that autumn is around the corner. These two moth species came to light last night for Ken Willetts. The Sallow and Center barred Sallow are both moths associated with the end of summer!


                                                                                           Centrer Barred Sallow                              Photo : Ken Willetts


                                                                                           The Sallow.                              Photo : Ken Willetts

13 September At around 9am, Pete Broadly reports seeing a Red Kite in flight half way up the bank at Hill Top farm, Upper Rochford. Meanwhile, later in the day, there must have been a mass emergence of Buff Tip Moth Caterpillars today. First we had correspondence from Sharron Barfield over in Kidderminster, then Keith Holbrow at Hope Bagot got in touch and then Simone Arnold at Clifton emailed this photo over. All had seen these Buff Tip moth caterpillars on deciduous trees in the garden. If you think the caterpillar is amazing, look up the adult moth!!!


                                                                                         Buff Tip Moth Caterpillars.                              Photo : Simone Arnold

8 September At Lower Rochford, Caroline Roseman had a Charm / Chime of about 30 Goldfinch in her Orchard today.

4 September Natures alternative to slug pellets. A Toad is always nice to see in the garden! This one turned up at Simone and Roger Arnold's garden in Clifton.


                                                                                                 Toad.                                          Photo : Simone Arnold

3 September Ken Willetts was busy moving some slabs in his Highwood garden and came across this Great Crested Newt. The most protected of all the Newt species, they are quite rare nationally, but not so in the Teme Valley, where they often turn upo in gardens, ponds and water features.


                                                                                           Great crested Newt.                              Photo : Ken Willetts

2 September At HighWood, Ken Willetts trapped this Small Dusty Wave moth. Some years they are to be found in good numbers, but this year have been very scarce in the Teme Valley moth traps.


                                                                                           Small Dusty Wave                              Photo : Ken Willetts

1 September At Upper Rochford, Danny Arnold heard a very late Cuckoo, presumably in transit on its way back south! Meanwhile, at Eardiston, Brian Marsh found this moth on the wall this morning and correctly identified it, as a Canary Shouldered Thorn. Great garden record Brian.


                                                                            Canary Shouldered Thorn                              Photo : Brian Marsh

31 August Margaret Chaffy reports having a large Hornets nest in an aging plum tree at the bottom of the garden. She says that their size and numbers are quite intimidating. We confirmed that they will have almost certainly died off by the beginning of winter as only the Queen survives through to the following year usually.

Meantime, Ken Willetts has updated us with some more of his lepidoptera images from the HighWood, but starts off with this stunning picture of a Common Darter dragonfly. This is probably the most common of all our Dragonflies and is found on wet habitat throughout the UK.


                                                                                           Common Darter                              Photo : Ken Willetts

Not too many Red Admiral butterflies being reported in the Teme Valley this year. Unless you know differently?


                                                                                           Red Admiral                              Photo : Ken Willetts

This Feathered Gothic moth that came to Kens Light trap last night is a sure indication that autumn is on its way, being a real autumnal species!


                                                                                           Feathered Gothic                              Photo : Ken Willetts

Another Autumnal species, the stunning Pebble Hook tip moth showing great camouflage with the changing leaf colours.


                                                                                           Pebble Hook Tip                              Photo : Ken Willetts

One of a very difficult group of moths to identify. This is one of the Ermine species Group. They cannot be safely identified 'by eye' and so are recorded as "Ermine aggregate" species. Often associated with an Orchard habitat, hence why they are so common in our area.


                                                                                           Ermine sp.                              Photo : Ken Willetts

This colourful moth Carcina quercana is tiny, being only a few millimeters across the wing. It is a typical July and August flyer and has done very well in the Teme Valley this year with it showing up regularly in moth traps along the Valley. It is most often associated with Oak and Beech habitat.


                                                                                           658 Carcina quercana                              Photo : Ken Willetts

29 August Just to demonstrate how difficult it is to sometimes identify moths that have 'gone over', This Maidens Blush moth has lost the majority of its colouring, making it very difficult to identify from any book. Trapped by Ken Willetts over night.


                                                                                           Maidens Blush                              Photo : Ken Willetts

28 August Felicity Beaumont reports a Stoat running around in her garden in suburban Tenbury. She says it was there for about five minutes before taking off. What a brilliant garden record!

26 August Ken Willetts moth trap is in the news again, with this strange looking insect that turned up sometime back on the 12th July. The image was sent over to Harry Green at the WWT who tentatively identified it as Miridius quadrivirgatus   This was confirmed by Joseph Botting, the national expert on this species, who says that it is slowly spreading northwards. This is only the second record for Worcestershire for this species, the other being found in the Wyre Forest. Another fantastic record for Ken and indeed, the Teme Valley!


                                                                                          Miridius quadrivirgatus                             Photo : Ken Willetts

20 August Ken Willetts reports seeing a Red Kite over the house yesterday and over 20 Mistle Thrush on the Rowan hedge in the garden. Mistle Thrush appear to have had a good breeding year this year, with many being seen locally.

14 August Ken Willetts sent in this photo of a very smart looking tiny moth called Cydia splendana. Its a moth of deciduous woodland with the moth larvae feeding on Oak or Sweet Chestnut typically.


                                                                                           1260 Cydia splendana                              Photo : Ken Willetts

12 August Brian Marsh at Stockton sent in this image of a toad posing in the garden.


                                                                                             Toad                              Photo : Brian Marsh

And at Knighton on Teme, Margaret Bradley found this huge Elephant Hawk Moth caterpillar in the garden.


                                                                  Elephant Hawk Moth Caterpillar                              Photo : Margaret Bradley

9 August Lyn Emery sent in this photo of a nest in a neighbours forsythia bush. Measuring just 5.5 cms across, we suspect its a nest of a Goldcrest.


                                                                                             Goldcrest Nest ?                              Photo : Lyn Emery

4 August Austin Palmer sent in this photo of what he says is his first ever moth picture!. This is an interesting shot as the moth is White Ermine which is right at the very end of its flight season. Hence why it looks so badly tattered and torn we suspect.


                                                                                             White Ermine                              Photo : Austin Palmer

3 August Whilst out walking around Boraston, Geoff Wookey was watching a Red Kite flying overhead. He then noticed another bird being harassed by Corvids. His first reaction with the naked eye was that it was probably a Sparrowhawk. It started flying closer and eventually got his binoculars on it and was surprised to see it was a Peregrine. He assumes it was one of the Clee Hill birds. It finally shook off the corvids, soared upwards and then went into a stoop and disappeared behind a hill.

And on the Highwood, a rare occunence for Ken Willetts now. He recorded a new Macro Moth for his garden. Ken has an impressive garden list, but this Small Waved Umber was new to his list.


                                                                                             Small Waved Umber                   Photo : Ken Willetts


2 August Pete & Vicki Stevens photographed another Dragonfly emerging from their pool today. Incredibly, they reckon they have had at least twenty Southern Hawker emerge from the pool in the last week or so. And that's only those that they have seen.


                                                                                           Southern Hawker emerging                   Photo : Vicki Stevens

1 August Up on the Highwood, Ken Willetts had a really good night with the light trap last night. The Pammene fasciana is a great record as it is new for the Teme Valley and for our SO66 10km sq. The Coronet is also a good local record with less than 50 records in Worcs and another new one for the Teme Valley and SO66!!


                                                                                             Double Striped Pug                   Photo : Ken Willetts


                                                                                             Coronet                              Photo : Ken Willetts


                                                                              Juniper Pug      (ID Oliver Wadsworth)          Photo : Ken Willetts


                                                                                            1236 Pammene fasciana                  Photo : Ken Willetts

31 July At Upper Rochford, this not particularly common Orange Swift came to the light trap over night for Danny Arnold.


                                                                                          Orange Swift                                    Photo : Danny Arnold

30 July On Oldwood Common, John Abbiss has been out with his camera again today. He says there are plenty of GateKeeper Butterflies around on the Common. He is also seeing plenty of Green Veined White too. Comma's numbers however, are now tailing off.


                                                                                     Gatekeeper Butterfly                                  Photo : John Abbiss



                                                                                                  Comma                                  Photo : John Abbiss



                                                                                     Green Veined White                                  Photo : John Abbiss


29 July On the evening of 19th July, Stuart Smith from Wolferlow saw four Parakeets on the Great Witley side of Abberley Hill. He says didn't’t have binoculars with him, but assumes they must have been Rose Ringed. They are the first he's seen in the area.....have you seen them? Get in touch if you have.

27 July At Stockton on Teme, Bill Spice had had his light trap out over the last few nights and trapped and recorded these interesting moth species. The Small Rufous is a particularly good record with only around 40 records for the whole of Worcs.


                                                                                          The Olive                                                Photo : Bill Spice


                                                                                          Yellow Barred Brindle                        Photo : Bill Spice


                                                                                          Lunar Spotted Pinion                                    Photo : Bill Spice


                                                                                          Everest pallidata                                    Photo : Bill Spice


                                                                                          Small Rufous Moth                                    Photo : Bill Spice

26 July Jim MacDonald was out again today and sent a note in with this image saying 'got it!', referring to the fact that when he saw this snake a couple of days ago, he didn't have his camera with him. Well, you certainly made up for it this time Jim. Great photo! The Grass Snake is a couple of feet long.


                                                                                       Grass Snake                                   Photo : Jim MacDonald

25 July Cecilia Dean moved some horse matting only to find these two hiding away in the dark damp. We do very well for the Great Crested Newt in the Teme Valley where there is definitely a strong hold for the species in Worcs. Slow worms are always great to see too.


                                                                                             Great Crested Newt                          Photo : Cecilia Dean


                                                                                             Slow Worm                                   Photo : Cecilia Dean

Over at Ludlow, Jim MacDonald has been out in the garden with his camera and managed to get these three great images. The Southern Hawker is a particularly good shot seeing as the dragonfly is in flight! Jim also says that unfortunately on two occasions, he forgot to take his camera out when he saw a lovely Clouded Border moth and a sage green adult grass snake .


                                                                             Southern Hawker in Flight                    Photo : Jim MacDonald



                                                                                             The Herald Moth                    Photo : Jim MacDonald



                                                                             Toad seen in Mortimer Forest                    Photo : Jim MacDonald

24 July Ken Willetts sent in these six great images from his garden and moth trap over night.


                                                                                              Broad Bodied Chaser                   Photo : Ken Willetts


                                                                                             Waved Black                               Photo : Ken Willetts


                                                                                              Shark                                Photo : Ken Willetts


                                                                                              Southern Hawker                                Photo : Ken Willetts


                                                                                              Drinker Moth                                Photo : Ken Willetts


                                                                                Riband Wave                                            Photo : Ken Willetts

And at Eastham, Pete Thorp found this moth at a light this morning. This is the appropriately named Black Arches moth .


                                                                                        Black Arches                                  Photo : Pete Thorp

23 July Caroline Roseman reports an incredible 14 Green Woodpeckers on the anthills in Pouncey field - which is a field running parallel to a hop field towards the bottom of her drive.  Caroline goes on to say, It is too steep to top for grass so has marvelous anthills but nonetheless 14 is a record!

20 July Not really Wildlife, but a dramatic picture from John Abbiss of the electrical storm going on this evening over his house at Oldwood Common. John was also out with his camera earlier on in the day before the rain and took a photo of some eggs on the underside of a leaf where he found a Vapourer Moth yesterday. He thinks therefore, that these might well be the eggs laid by that moth. And finally, John found this Buff Tip moth caterpillar in the undergrowth on the Common.


                                                                              Electrical Storm overhead                                  Photo : John Abbiss


                                                                                  Vapourer Moth Eggs?                                  Photo : John Abbiss


                                                                              Buff Tip Moth Caterpillar                                  Photo : John Abbiss

On the Clee Hill today, Eric Davies caught sight of this Lesser Whitethroat and also came across this Dark Green Fritillary Butterfly. Great records Eric!


                                                                                    Lesser Whitethroat                                  Photo : Eric Davies


                                                                                    Dark Green Fritillary                                  Photo : Eric Davies

19 July Gerald Roseman awoke this morning, looked out of the window and saw a Kingfisher perched on a cane in the Raspberry patch! How odd! And this afternoon, Brian Marsh spotted a Red Kite between Newnham Bridge and Knighton.

18 July Caroline Roseman had an amazing sight at her house today. The several days of hot weather had allowed the ant colonies to get very large and this afternoon, there were thousands of flying ants taking to the air. More than this, Caroline says that there are usually a few birds about when the flying ants start to swarm each year, but this afternoon, she reports that there were hundreds of birds flying over head making good use of the easy meals coming up to meet them. One impressive sight!

Meanwhile, Geoff Wookey had his light trap out last night and coaxed in these two moths which were new for his garden. The Calamotropha paludella is an interesting records as Ken Willetts also trapped one recently on the other side of the Valley. THe larvae of this species live on Bulrush leaves, so in both cases, the adult must have come up out of the Valley to be trapped, in Geoff's case, at Boraston. The Scalloped Shell moth really is an important record. These moths are not very common at all and are more often associated with mature and even ancient woodland. Very strange how this has turned up at Boraston, but a fantastic record for the Teme Valley.


                                                                                    Scallop Shell Moth                                  Photo : Geoff Wookey


                                                                     1292 Calamotropha paludella                                 Photo : Geoff Wookey

17 July Lyn Emery had this large Southern Hawker Dragonfly turn up in her garden today.


                                                                   Southern Hawker Dragonfly                                 Photo : Lyn Emery

16 July Roger Arnold had an even better bird record for his garden today. A Lesser Spotted Woodpecker flew into a damson tree at the edge of his garden today. Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers are very scarce in our area, being only the size of a Sparrow. This is a great garden record.

15 July Roger Arnold reports a Red Kite over Clifton on Teme this afternoon.

13 July A lot of these large moths about at the moment. This Large Yellow Underwing turned up at Maggie Kingston's garden at Stoke Bliss.


                                                                   Large Yellow Underwing                                 Photo : Maggie Kingston

12 July Over at Knighton on Teme, Richard Pill and Amanda Allott had a very strange bird turn up in the flower beds. This leucistic House Martin had apparently fallen from a nest in the eaves of the house. Richard got a ladder and put it back, but it was soon on the floor again. Richard found that the flight feathers on the birds left wing were missing, so the bird was taken to the Caun Wildlife Rescue center at Much Wenlock. The staff their reckon that the flight feathers had been 'taken' and should grow back. They have taken 'Snowy' as it is now called, into their care. Such Leucistic birds are often easy targets for larger predators as they are easily seen. We have never come across a leucistic House Martin before though.


                                                                      Leucistic House Martin                                 Photo : Richard Pill

11 July At Frith Common, Pete and Vicki Stevens sent in this sequence of a Dragonfly emerging. They say that they have had five emergences from their pool this year so far that they are aware of, more than in any previous year. An empty case can be seen top left in the first picture.




                                                                             Sequence of Dragonfly emerging                 Photo : Vicki Stevens

On the Highwood, some more moths from the light trap of Ken Willetts as trapped over night. The Larvae of Aethes rubigana feed on the seed heads of Burdock, hence this moth is fairly well widespread in the Teme Valley. The Barred Red larvae feed on coniferous trees such as Scott's Pine. Hence, this species is far less common in our area.


                                                                             946 Aethes rubigana                                  Photo : Ken Willetts



                                                                                              Green Arches                               Photo : Ken Willetts



                                                                                  Barred Red Moth                                        Photo : Ken Willetts


9 July Over at Ludlow, Jim MacDonald came across this Swallow Tailed Moth in the garden and was able to identify it as such, from a picture of one posted by Ken Willetts this time last year (as seen in the archive).


                                                                             Swallow Tailed Moth                               Photo : Jim MacDonald

8 July On the Highwood, Ken Willetts moth trap has been busy. But here, Ken shows four images of some tiny micro moths trapped and recorded over night. These tiny moths are very often over looked by many moth recorders, but Ken is now identifying and recording these tiny species too, which is great news for the Worcs moth data base. That said, we're not too sure about this first one!


                                                                     E.abbreviana ??        (ID : Oliver Wadsworth)             Photo : Ken Willetts


                                                          424 Bird-cherry Ermine Yponomeuta evonymella                      Photo : Ken Willetts


                                                                     420 Cherry Fruit Moth Argyresthia pruniella                      Photo : Ken Willetts


                                                                         1292 Calamotropha Paludella                      Photo : Ken Willetts

And at the other end of the moth scale, Simone Arnold found this Large Yellow Underwing moth in the garden. Although Simone's photo doesn't show it, the moth is so named as it is 'Large' and has a 'Yellow underwing'.


                                                                                 Large Yellow Underwing                      Photo : Simone Arnold


7 July Allen & Cath Hunt had three Red Kite over their house all at the same time today. This is the first time we have had three Kite sighted in one go in the Valley. Great record!

Meantime, Caroline Roseman has been out and about with her camera on her patch at Lower Rochford. She says that she now has 20 + starlings regularly visiting and maybe even nesting in her orchard. And after wet weather especially, the Woodpeckers, Jays and Thrushes find this part of the garden of great interest? Maybe it is bringing Leather Jackets, worms or ants to the surface?


                                                                Something of interest in the grass                         Photo : Caroline Roseman


                                                                            Juvenile Mistle Thrush                                Photo : Caroline Roseman


                                                                  Juvenile Green Woodpecker and Jay                  Photo : Caroline Roseman

Caroline has also been getting a good mixture of bee species on her flowers.


                                                                                 Garden Bumblebee                                 Photo : Caroline Roseman


                                                                              Common Carder Bee                                 Photo : Caroline Roseman


                                                                                 Garden Bumblebee                                 Photo : Caroline Roseman

And Caroline also reports that she is having a bumper year for butterflies in the garden, which is great news considering the last few summers we have had locally with very few butterflies about. Caroline says that in late June (24th) she had 10 Red Admiral butterflies on the driveway and is regularly now getting 20 + Small Tortoiseshell on the Lavender in the garden. Below though, are shots of 'other' lepidoptera from the garden, showing nicely, three of the four stages of metamorphosis.


                                                                                 Mullein Moth Caterpillar                         Photo : Caroline Roseman


                                                                                 Yellow Shell Moth                                 Photo : Caroline Roseman


                                                                                                Chrysalis                                 Photo : Caroline Roseman

And three to finish off with. A Toad from under a stone. Some 'poo' loaded with cherry stones left on top of one of the large round hay bales. We are not sure what would or could have left this, but Jackdaw or Pheasant are probably the most likely. And finally Lesser Stitchwort, a beautiful small flower fairly common in these parts.


                                                                                          Toad                                 Photo : Caroline Roseman


                                                          Poo loaded with cherry stones - but what left it?        Photo : Caroline Roseman


                                                                                 Lesser Stitchwort                                 Photo : Caroline Roseman

6 July Eric Davies sent in these two great images of a Kingfisher on the River Teme. One of our most iconic river birds.




4 July Simone Arnold found this grisly scene in the bath this morning. This Harvestman Spider had encapsulated another spider for its larder.


                                                                                    Harvestman Spider                      Photo : Simone Arnold

3 July On the Highwood, Ken Willetts had a 'first record' for his garden, of this tiny Fire Thorn Leaf Miner moth Phyllonorycter leucographella This is a relative newcomer to the UK, only first being found in Essex in 1989. Since then it has dispersed throughout the UK rapidly.


                                                                        332a Phyllonorycter leucographella                     Photo : Ken Willetts


2 July Eric Davies was out with his camera in the Footrid area of Mamble today. He caught these great images on his walk.


                                                                                     Spotted Flycatcher                                  Photo : Eric Davies


                                            Mistle Thrush and juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker                      Photo : Eric Davies


                                                     Male Redstart and young - Coming in to feed                   Photo : Eric Davies


                                                                                     Male Redstart and young                      Photo : Eric Davies

At Boraston, Geoff Wookey had this Southern Hawker Dragonfly land on his shoe.


                                                                                     Southern Hawker Dragonfly                      Photo : Geoff Wookey

2 July Charlotte Hughes' brother spotted an Osprey over Charlottes farm at Hillwood Eastham today. Meantime, Stuart Smith went to see if he could get sight of the Little Egret up at Upper Sapey, and did. Originally on the ground, it flew into a tree to preen. Great to have this record in the area.


                                                                                     Little Egret #1                                  Photo : Stuart Smith


                                                                                     Little Egret #2                                  Photo : Stuart Smith


                                                                                     Little Egret #3                                  Photo : Stuart Smith

1 July Stuart Smith at Wolferlow, reports that a farmer friend, Alan Thacker, saw a Little Egret by the water jump on the Sapey Cross Country course in Wolferlow today.

29 June At Frith Common, Pete and Vicki Stevens sent in these two images. The first of a Burnished Brass moth, which was flushed up from the undergrowth. The second, their first brood of Swallows waiting to be fed.


                                                                                     Burnished Brass Moth                                  Photo : Vicki Stevens


                                                                     Young Swallows waiting to be fed                     Photo : Vicki Stevens

28 June At Kingswood, Stanford Bridge, Matthew Bailey had two large Hornets drop onto his chicken pen from an over hanging oak tree. He says they were at least two inches long. Have you seen any large hornets about this year?

27 June At Boraston today, Geoff Wookey had a Red Kite fly over the house. And at Oldwood Common, John Abbiss sent in these shots taken with his camera on the Common


                                                                                     Six Spot Burnet Moths                                  Photo : John Abbiss


                                                                                                 Ringlet                                  Photo : John Abbiss


                                                                                                 Lacewing                                  Photo : John Abbiss

26 June Driving home tonight, Chris Peacock saw a Red Kite flying over the A49 between the Tenbury turn and Ludlow. Over on the Highwood, Ken Willetts trapped and recorded these two micro moths. The Mompha Propinquella larvae feed on Rosebay Willowherb, whilst the Ash Bud moth, as the name suggests, feeds on young Ash leaves.


                                                                                       888 Mompha Propinquella                     Photo : Ken Willetts


                                                                                       449 Ash Bud moth                                        Photo : Ken Willetts

25 June Whilst out walking today, Geoff Wookey's dogs flushed out a Polecat very briefly that ran across the road and disappeared in the hedge.

24 June Three fantastic images sent in from Richard Pill from his patch over at Knighton on Teme.


                                                                                             Large Skipper                                          Photo : Richard Pill


                                                                                             Azure Damselfly                                   Photo : Richard Pill


                                                                                             Ringlet                                          Photo : Richard Pill

22 June In Ashbed Woods today, Geoff Wookey got a great sighting of a Garden Warbler singing its heart out on a bush beside him. Meanwhile over at Ludlow, Jim MacDonald sent in these two great images. The first of a partially leucistic blackbird showing some considerable white feathers amongst the normal black, and an Eyed Hawk Moth, one of the larger of the Hawk moths we have in the area.


                                                                               Partially leucistic Blackbird                     Photo : Jim MacDonald


                                                                                                Eyed Hawk Moth                                 Photo : Jim MacDonald


21 June John Abbiss was out and about on Oldwood Common today, where he says the grass was being cut. This attracted Red Kite, Kestrel and at least six Buzzards overhead, no doubt surveying the ground for fleeing rodents. In the undergrowth at the side of the common, he found two moth species, Large Yellow Underwing and Scorched Wing. As well as taking some nice flower and grass images.


                                                                                                 Vetch                                  Photo : John Abbiss


                                                                                             Red Kite                                       Photo :  John Abbiss          


             Assortment of grasses - Which John names as : Cocksfoot, False oat grass, Red fescue, Black bent,

             Creeping soft grass, Timothy, Wavy hair, and Bristle bent


                                                                                                Kestrel                                 Photo : John Abbiss


                                                                                                 Dog Rose                                  Photo : John Abbiss


                                                                               Kestrel dropping on prey                                  Photo : John Abbiss


                                                                        Large Yellow Underwing Moth                                  Photo : John Abbiss


                                                                                                 Ragged Robin                                  Photo : John Abbiss


                                                                                                 Dandelion                                  Photo : John Abbiss


                                                                               Common Spotted Orchid                                  Photo : John Abbiss


                                                                               Scorched Wing Moth                                  Photo : John Abbiss

19 June Geoff Wookey had a moth trap out last night and recorded this not too common, White Satin moth.


                                                                                            White Satin Moth                        Photo : Geoff Wookey

18 June Chris Kemble sent in these images from her garden. The first a pair of Bullfinch and the second a large bee she found in the window. Caroline Roseman thinks the bee is possibly the queen of a Red tailed Cuckoo bee which parasitises the nests of Red tailed Bees.


                                                                                            Bullfinch                                    Photo : Chris Kemble


                                                                                            Red tailed Cuckoo bee                        Photo : Chris Kemble

17 June Wanda Arnold had a great sighting yesterday of a Male Hen Harrier flying low over one of the local fields. Wanda is well used to seeing Hen Harriers on Islay, so identification of this seldom seen bird in this part of the country was easy, albeit a bird out of place. Meantime, Chris Peacock gave us an update of his patch saying that hes getting regular visits from a Green Woodpecker feeding on the ants on Ludlow School playing fields. And at home, Chris has a Great Spotted Woodpecker nesting in an old Ash tree at the bottom of the garden and is hearing a Cuckoo regularly over towards Brimfield Common.

16 June Chris Mussell heard a Cuckoo calling in Hanley Dingle today. And Liz Thorp sent in this photo of a nest of six Swallows in her stable. (There are six she assures us, but you can only see four !)


                                                                                             Swallow nest                        Photo : Liz Thorp

15 June Up on the Clee at Doddington, Eric Davies had two good records. First he came across the Wall butterfly, a totally under recorded species locally and quite rare in our parts. And secondly, he came across three Cuckoos, one of which perched on a wire who posed beautifully whilst Eric photographed him / her. Great day out Eric!


                                                                                             Wall Butterfly                                            Photo : Eric Davies


                                                                                             Cuckoo  #1                                           Photo : Eric Davies


                                                                                             Cuckoo  #2                                           Photo : Eric Davies

14 June At Lower Rochford, Caroline Roseman came across two Redstart on her driveway today. Great to hear that these birds appear to be doing well in the Valley this year. At Knighton on Teme again, Richard Pill took these damsel fly images on a local pool.


                                                                             Large Red Damsel Fly                             Photo : Richard Pill



                                                                Common Blue Damsel flies in cop                             Photo : Richard Pill


13 June At Knighton on Teme, Richard Pill arrived home late last evening to hear an Owl in the trees in his orchard. Taking a light and camera out, he found three fledgling Tawny Owls.


                                                                 One of the three Tawny Owl chicks                             Photo : Richard Pill


                                                                             And another one!                                      Photo : Richard Pill

At Highwood, Ken Willetts trapped and recorded this tiny micro species. This is only the third record for the Teme Valley and the first time the actual adult moth has ben recorded. The other two records come from leaf mines on apple. This colourful little moth is Callisto dentculella


                                                                                     310 Callisto dentculella                                       Photo : Ken Willetts

At Ludlow again, Jim MacDonald found this Buff Tip moth and compared it with a broken twig. Great camouflage!.


                                                            Buff Tip Moth vs a broken twig                                        Photo : Jim MacDonald

12 June At Upper Rochford, Danny Arnold had his first sighting of the year of Swifts overhead. And further west at Ludlow,   Jim MacDonald had this huge Hornet turn up on his garden pond.


                                                                                       Hornet                                        Photo : Jim MacDonald


                                                                                       Hornet                                        Photo : Jim MacDonald


                                                                                       Hornet                                        Photo : Jim MacDonald

Ken Willetts trapped these two moth species which at first Glance may look the same.


                                                                                       Minor agg. species                                        Photo : Ken Willetts


                                                                                       Marbled White Spot                                        Photo : Ken Willetts


And at Boraston, Geoff Wookey trapped and recorded this Common Pug Moth. One of a very difficult group of moths to identify by eye.


                                                                                       Common Pug                                        Photo : Geoff Wookey

11 June Geoff Wookey at Boraston says he has Spotted Flycatchers breeding with the female sitting on the nest in a climber running up the garage wall. He's also come across a pair of Redstart at Ashbed wood which have been in the same area for a while now and showing signs of nesting. Geoff also reports that there are also a number of Willow Warbler in and around the wood, in fact more this year then any previous year. There are also a large number of Brown Silver-line (moth) in the bracken and nettles near the wood. And finally, Geoff reports that a Cuckoo is being regularly heard in Boraston village and down as far as the Peacock. Great update!

10 June David Sothers has had a pair of Stoat raise a family under one of his garden features at Rochford. This has allowed him to take some wonderful images of the parents and young in the garden. Here's a couple of the images and if you want to see more, click here.


                                                                                          Stoat 1                                             Photo : David Sothers


                                                                                           Stoat 2                                             Photo : David Sothers


More interesting moth species are still turning up at Ken Willetts light trap on the Highwood. Last night included this Stunning Peach Blossom Moth, the Lobster Moth (which gets its name from the caterpillar larvae which looks very crustacean like in appearance) and the Sandy Carpet.


                                                                                       Peach Blossom                                        Photo : Ken Willetts



                                                                                        Lobster Moth                                Photo : Ken Willetts



                                                                                    Sandy Carpet                                Photo : Ken Willetts


Over at Woonton, Alastair Hardy found two Common Spotted Orchid coming into bloom on one of his fields.

                                              orchid (768x1024).jpg

                                                                             Common Spotted Orchid               Photo : Alastair Hardy

9 June At Wolferlow, Stuart Smith had a Cuckoo calling yesterday morning after a break without hearing one for a while. Also seven Mistle Thrushes in his field some adults feeding young. He's still only seen one House Martin and no Swifts but lots of Swallows nesting in his barns

On the Highwood, Ken Willetts light trap produced another interesting species. This time it was the Large Twin Spot Carpet moth.


                                                                          Large Twin spot Carpet                                Photo : Ken Willetts

And at Upper Rochford, this tiny Tinea semifulvella moth came to Danny Arnold's light trap over night. This colourful little species lays its eggs in birds nests or wool remnants.


                                                                          246 Tinea semifulvella                               Photo : Danny Arnold

8 June At Frith Common, Pete & Vicki Stevens had the Cuckoo calling twice today. One locally to the house and one later at a distance towards Dumbleton Lane. They also had a Red Kite drift over last evening.

On the Highwood, Ken Willetts light trap was busy. He trapped and recorded this stunning little micro moth. Although there are several look alike's in this group, this is the easiest to identify as it is the only one with these distinctive yellow palps as can be seen in Ken's image. The moth is 1174 Epiblema Cynosbatella the larvae of which feed on a variety of roses including Dog Rose and even cultivated roses.


                                                                          1174 Epiblema Cynosbatella                               Photo : Ken Willetts

Whilst most of us get Blue Tits and Great Tits nesting in the garden, David & Jo Sothers at Rochford had this stunning pair of Redstart take up residence in a nest box just outside the conservatory window. Stunning images David!


                                                                         Male Redstart                               Photo : David Sothers


                                                                     Female Redstart                             Photo : David Sothers


                                              Characteristic tail flick of the Male Redstart         Photo : David Sothers

7 June On the Highwood, Ken Willetts sent in this photo of another stunning moth, the Blood Vein Moth. No prizes for working out why its called that!


                                                                                Blood vein Moth                                     Photo : Ken Willetts

6 June At Lower Rochford Caroline Roseman is getting into bee identification in a big way. Here are four images of different bees that visited her garden today.


                                                                          Buff tailed Bumblebee                                      Photo : Caroline Roseman



                                                                              Red Tailed Bumblebee                                      Photo : Caroline Roseman



                                                                       Common Carder Bee                                      Photo : Caroline Roseman



                                                                                 Buff Tailed Bee                                      Photo : Caroline Roseman


And a 'first' for Ken Willetts who trapped and recorded this Broken Barred Carpet moth over night. Great record as this moth is not that common in the Teme Valley.


                                                                                 Broken Barred Carpet Moth                                      Photo : Ken Willetts

5 June At Ham Bridge, Claudia Kazim reported a very young dead Otter on the road today. Great to hear that Otters are doing well on the Teme. Unfortunate though re being a road kill. And yet another Tree Bee spot in the Valley. This time by Simone Arnold who took this picture in her garden of the Tree Bee and a Buff Tailed Bee on a flower. {Editor update - The Buff Tailed Bee has been identified by Caroline Roseman as a Garden Bumblebee}


                                                                 Tree Bee (Bombus hypnorum)             Photo : Simone Arnold

4 June At Lower Rochford, Caroline Roseman has been out and about on her patch and taken these great images. The first is of a pair of Canadian Geese which have nested on her pool and are currently rearing five young. The second is of a rather messy Starlings nest. Nothing like letting people know where you're nesting!! The third picture, Caroline believes is Hover fly larvae on Hogweed, unless you know differently! And the final image is of one of the many Ground beetles we have in the area.


                                                                  Canadian Geese and young                                      Photo : Caroline Roseman


                                                                                                  Starling Nest                                      Photo : Caroline Roseman


                                                                        Hover fly larvae on Hogweed                            Photo : Caroline Roseman


                                                                                      Ground Beetle                                      Photo : Caroline Roseman

On Oldwood Common, John Abbiss photographed these two caterpillars and correctly identified them as the Vapourer Moth and Yellow Tail Moth.


                                                                                 Vapourer Moth Caterpillar                                  Photo : John Abbiss


                                                                                 Yellow Tail Moth Caterpillar                                  Photo : John Abbiss

3 June After saying there are only a handful of green coloured moths in the UK, Ken Willetts trapped another green species last night, this stunning Green Arches moth. This is rather an early emergence for this species as it is not usually seen until late July / August. The larvae feed on Oak buds and leaves. The second image Ken sent in is that of a moth called ...the Scorched Wing. Its not difficult to figure out why the Victorian entomologists called it this!


                                                                                 Green Arches Moth                                      Photo : Ken Willetts



                                                                                 Scorched Wing Moth                                      Photo : Ken Willetts


2 June Pete & Vicki Stevens at Lower Frith report the Cuckoo is still being heard in the Dumbleton Lane area. They also report seeing a Red Kite drift over their house this evening.

Ken Willetts moth trap is really producing some stunning moths of late. Last night saw this stunning Green Silver Lines moth come in. One of only a handful of Green moths in the UK.


                                                                                 Green Silver Lines                                      Photo : Ken Willetts

1 June Ken Willetts took this stunning Elephant Hawk Moth at his light trap last night. First one of the year. Meantime, at Knighton on Teme, Richard Pill has been out with his new camera and took this fantastic image of a Broad Bodied Chaser dragonfly. Super image Richard!


                                                                             Broad Bodied Chaser                                      Photo : Richard Pill


                                                                             Elephant hawk Moth                                      Photo : Ken Willetts


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