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November 2008

A few of the birds from the Orchard and the feeders at Upper Rochford


                                                                         Goldfinch on the Niger Seeds



                                                                                       Goldfinch on Yew


                                                                            Goldfinch on the Niger Seeds


                                                                            Goldfinch on the Niger Seeds


                                                                                         A Coal Tit in the Yew


                                                                                       A Blue Tit in the Cherry


                                                                              A Blue Tit in the Cherry



                                                                           Dunnock (aka Hedge Sparrow)


                                                                 Chaffinch on the Yew


                                                                 Long Tailed Tit on the Peanut Feeder


                                                                                 A Redwing in the Cherry


                                                                                 A Redwing in the Cherry


                                                                                 A Redwing in the Cherry


July 2008

David Hambelton of Upper Rochford sent in these two fantastic photos of two female Greater Spotted Woodpeckers which were on his feeder back in May



At Upper Rochford the pair of Moorhens on one of the Pools had 7 chicks. One died within a few days, and later, another four perished. Two have however, survived and are doing well.

Here's one of the Parents..........



........and one of the offspring.

Note how the beak is still developing its colouration and the youngster is very much 'brown' rather than 'black' of its parents. It will take another few months to gain its parents colouration. The characteristic white flashes on the rear end however, can just be seen.


.....and at about 2 days old !!



One of Our Common Small Birds. The Great Tit.



June 2008

A Green Woodpecker at Upper Rochford



A young Blackbird in the Cherry Orchard - Upper Rochford





May 2008 -

No Photos

April 2008 -


This female Sparrowhawk took a young Jackdaw off a branch in a Cherry Orchard in Upper Rochford.

It spent approximately 25 minutes feeding, before being disturbed, when it took off into a dense copse of trees,

with the remains of the Jackdaw in its talons.

Photos taken with 800mm Telephoto lens.







One of the Upper Rochford Buzzards



Impending Rain Storm over Hill Top, Upper Rochford


Greater Spotted Wood Pecker on the Peanut feeder


.......and on another feeder



March 2008

Birds on the Feeders

Gold Finch


Blue Tit



February 2008

Gold Finch on Dog Rose