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The Teme Valley Wildlife Group is a local group of wildlife enthusiasts, living and working within the Teme Valley (North & South) area, of Worcestershire, UK. This area covers the River Teme from Ludlow to Clifton and either side of the valley, the center point being Upper Rochford and a 10 mile radius thereof (roughly!). The Outer Area therefore Clockwise is Clee>Cleobury>Abberley>Martley>Bromyard>Leominster>Bircher>Ludlow>Clee...and hence therefore includes some small parts of the Worcestershire border areas of both Shropshire to the North-West and Herefordshire to the West and South-West.

This site has fast become the biological recording center for the Teme Valley, which by use of ‘eyes and ears’ of local people living and working in the area, has developed into a definitive reference catalogue, showing the diversity of species we have present in our area.

We actively encourage local participation within the Group and on this web site.
We want to know what you are seeing and hearing on the wildlife front in our area and welcome any comments, information or photographs you take, from locals and visitors alike.

We will endeavour to update this site at least weekly when ever possible.

All photos on this site are by Danny Arnold (DMA) unless otherwise credited. All photos remain copyright of the photographer.

No re-publication without express permission. Web masters may freely link to this site.



The Teme Valley Wildlife Group holds a Monthly Meeting on the second Thursday of the Month. The Venue is Rochford Village Hall between 7:30 and 9:30 pm. Grid Ref: SO 6338 6770 or Google Earth ....52.18'22.44 N      2.32'18.33 W.

Want directions with a map?..click here.   Post Code : WR15 8SW

                     Everybody is most welcome to indoor meetings. £2 on the door.        Membership is optional, £2 per annum

2015 Monthly Speakers Calendar

2015 Eric Davies Orkney Wildlife
2015 Tim Hipkiss The Jack Mytton Way
2015 Danny Arnold Wildlife of the Teme Valley
2015 Roger Maskew Flora of Worcs
2015 Peta Samms Swifts
2015 Outdoor meeting Visit to Roots at Rushwich. A walk by the River Teme
2015 John Tilt Butterflies of Grafton Wood
2015 Roger Umpelby Life in the local Undergrowth
September 10th 2015 Nigel Jones

Miners, Masons and Leafcutters, - Amazing world of solitary bees

October 8th 2015 Dominique Cragg Breeding Populations of Corn Buntings in Worcs
November 12th 2015 Gordon Forest Upton Warren
December   2015 No Meeting  

2015 Monthly Nature Walk Calendar




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Dave Williams A walk around a private new Wildlife Reserve at Abberley




Stephanie Mocroft Rock & Bliss Gate circular lanes walk




Mervyn Needham Chaddesley Woods walk  (NOTE : NEW DATE!!)




John Tilt Grafton Woods walk




Stephanie Mocroft Hartlebury Common , Sun and Sparkling water




Stephanie Mocroft Mamble  Industrial Archeology Coal and canals




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Other Upcoming TVWG Events in 2015

November 22nd 2015 Ann Hill & Mark Lawley Bryology (Mosses & Liverworts) Bioblitz at Birchfield



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Weekly Update



25 April We have now set up a Teme Valley Wildlife Group Facebook page, so you can post your wildlife sightings directly in real time. Click the Facebook banner above to take you straight there.

23 April Ian & Diana Parkin at Abberley report their first Swallows back today. And a bonus of a Bullfinch in the garden today too!

22 April Annabel Elliott reports having the first Swallows of the year back at her house at Stoke Bliss.

21 April Pete Stevens heard his first Cuckoo of the year at Frith Common this morning.

At Upper Rochford, Danny Arnold took a walk down by the pools. Reports seeing and hearing a lot of Chiffchaff. Also saw both male and female Blackcap which were new for this year. Spooked a Muntjac deer from undergrowth and spotted, very unusually, a pair of Tufted Duck on the top pool. With Dave and Sallyann reporting them on their pools a couple of days ago, has this part of Worcs had an influx of Tufted Duck? We don't usually see them in the Valley, unless you know differently?


At Ashbed Woods, Geoff Wookey recorded his first White Throat of the year today. He also reports seeing Orange Tip Butterflies, Speckled Wood and Green Veined White.

On the 19th April, the Teme Valley Wildlife Group took a coach trip up the the Elan Valley dams followed by a session at Gigrin farm to see the Red Kite feeding station. Eric Davies says that it was a great trip and sent in these images. The first is of a Willow Warbler from Catherton Common, the RedStart and Pied Flycatcher were brilliant sightings from the Elan Valley Visitors center. And the last image is of the Red Kites coming down en masse and feeding at Gigrin farm.


                                                                                             Willow Warbler                              Photo : Eric Davies


                                                                                             Redstart                              Photo : Eric Davies


                                                                                             Dormouse                              Photo : Eric Davies


                                                                                             Red Kite                              Photo : Eric Davies

20 April Charlotte MacDonald sent in this very interesting piece of news. Aa pair of Peregrine Falcons have taken up residency in Ludlow - at the top of St Lawrence's Church tower.  They are best seen in the early evening, on the West side of the tower ......They are very vocal at the moment and are attracting quite a lot of attention from locals and visitors. Thanks for this update Charlotte.

19 April Over at Great Witley, Dave and Sallyann Williams took these images from their small Nature Reserve. A Wood Mouse, some Toad Spawn and most unusually, these Tufted Duck that appeared on one of the pools.


                                                                                                Wood Mouse                              Photo : Sallyann Williams


                                                                                                Toad Spawn                              Photo : Sallyann Williams


                                                                                                Tufted Duck                              Photo : Sallyann Williams

15 April At Frith Common, Pete Stevens had a Red Kite circling the house this morning. This was an untagged bird. Whilst over at Boraston, Geoff Wookey had the first of his House Martins back, which nest annually in the eaves of the house.

13 April From Oldwood Common, John Abbiss sent in this image of two Bee Flies nectaring on flowers and a second one of a Kestrel on the over head lines.


                                                                                                 Bee Flies                              Photo : John Abbiss


                                                                                                 Kestrel                              Photo : John Abbiss

10 April The Swallows are back in Rochford! Both Danny Arnold at Upper Rochford and Caroline Roseman at Lower Rochford spotted their first Swallows of the year today over their respective properties.

Ken Willetts trap has started to liven up. He took this Dotted Chestnut moth last night. It really is quite a rarity in Worcs generally, although does turn up to light in the Valley occasionally. The moth, the Diurnea Fagella, although being classified as a 'micro' moth, is in fact quite large. This is fairly common in the Valley at this time of year.


                                                                            Dotted Chestnut                             Photo : Ken Willetts


                                                                            663 Diurnea Fagella                             Photo : Ken Willetts

8 April Out on her patch, Caroline Roseman had Cowslips out today and also saw her first Brimstone Butterfly of the year.

Up on the Clee, Geoff Wookey had some good bird sightings including Peregrine Falcon, his first Swallow of the year, Numerous Meadow Pipits and Reed Bunting, Red Kite and Ravens.

At his light trap on the Highwood, Ken Willetts trapped and recorded this moth specimen. A curious and unusual colour form of Oak Nycteoline. This is the first time Ken has recorded this moth on his patch.


                                                                             Oak Nycteoline                             Photo : Ken Willetts

7 April Back after the weekend and Tim Studer now has three Swallows back. Here's one on the line.


                                                                                        Swallow                                     Photo : Tim Studer

6 April Caroline Roseman has been out with her camera again, making the most of this fine spring weather. Some stunning shots from the garden.


                                                                                         Primroses                              Photo : Caroline Roseman


                                                                                                Peacock                              Photo : Caroline Roseman


                                                                                         Pied Wagtail                              Photo : Caroline Roseman


                                                                                         Comma                              Photo : Caroline Roseman


                                                                                         Speedwell                              Photo : Caroline Roseman


                                                                                         Harlequin Ladybird                              Photo : Caroline Roseman

5 April Just a little way out of our area on the Brown Clee at Abdon Burf, Eric Davies photographed this Ring Ouzel. Looking rather like a Blackbird with a white bib, these birds often rest up on migration passage on the Clee.



                                                                                     Ring Ouzel                              Photos : Eric Davies

4 April At the light trap last night, Danny Arnold had this tiny micro moth come in last night. Measuring only a few millimeters in length, this Caloptilia species could be one of two. Either Caloptilia betulicola or Caloptilia elongella. It is not realistically possible to separate these two species visually. Betulicola feeds on Birch whilst elongella feeds on Alder, both of which are common in the area.


                                                                                Caloptilia elongella/betulicola                              Photo : Danny Arnold


2 April At Stockton, Tim Studer had the first Swallow of the year back and flying around the house today.

1 April At Wolferlow, Stuart Smith reports still having a flock of around 60 Fieldfare in the fields around his house. He also heard his first Chiffchaff of the year today, just a day later than last year.

28 March Probably one of the best images we have ever had of a Dipper. Taken by Jim MacDonald on the River Teme up near Ludlow. This elusive water bird is very shy and easily spooked, which is what goes to make this image such a good shot.


                                                                                          Dipper                                           Photo : Jim MacDonald

27 March John Abbiss had the male Sparrowhawk in the garden again today. Clearly the bird feeder is high on its favorite lunch time menu!


                                                                                  Male Sparrowhawk                              Photo : John Abbiss

And over at Ludlow, Jim MacDonald trapped this Early Grey moth in one of the Groups two moth traps.


                                                                                         Early Grey                              Photo : Jim MacDonald

26 March Cathy Sheldon saw a black rabbit today at Lower Frith. She says it didn't look like a 'pet' escapee. Anybody else seeing melanistic rabbits about in the Valley? Meanwhile at Upper Rochford, Danny Arnold lured in a White Marked moth into his light trap last night. First record of the year for him and this species.

24 March Caroline Roseman had a couple of bee flies in the garden today. Worth looking out for!

22 March Richard Pill over at Knighton on Teme heard his first Chiffchaff today. Meanwhile, Caroline Roseman was out with her camera again today and couldn't resist showing that Spring had sprung on her patch.


                                                                                         Primroses                              Photo : Caroline Roseman


                                                                                       Lambs                              Photo : Caroline Roseman

21 March We have had some good images in today. We will start off with a couple of moths from Ken Willetts light trap on the Highwood. First is the White Marked. This is a real Teme Valley specialty with over 70% of the all the Worcs records for this moth species coming from the Teme Valley. The moth likes damp, cool locations and the many dingles in the area provide ideal habitat. That said, very little is actually know about this species and its life cycle in the wild. The second moth is Twin Spot Quaker, so named because of the twin spots on the wing. It is a fairly common species locally at this time of year.


                                                                                White Marked Moth                              Photo : Ken Willetts


                                                                                Twin Spotted Quaker                              Photo : Ken Willetts

Then John Abbiss sent us in these two images from Oldwood Common where he lives. The Sparrowhawk in the garden is amazing!....and how did you get the ducks flying past the setting sun John?


                                                                    Ducks (and pigeon) in the setting sun                     Photo : John Abbiss


                                                                                Male Sparrowhawk                              Photo : John Abbiss

And finally some images from Caroline Roseman's patch over at Lower Rochford, including a rare sight of a badger from a camera trap Caroline set up over night.


                                                                                                 Badger                              Photo : Caroline Roseman


                                                                                               Canada Geese                              Photo : Caroline Roseman


                                                                                               Frog Spawn                              Photo : Caroline Roseman


                                                                              Harlequin Ladybird                              Photo : Caroline Roseman


                                                                              Tree Bumblebee Queen                              Photo : Caroline Roseman

20 March Ken Willetts Moth trap has started to come alive this Spring. He reports taking a Red Green Carpet moth today and these two common Spring species this week. Its not difficult to see why either of these two moths have their names. The first is a White Shouldered House Moth ...because it has white shoulders and is often found in houses!...and the second one is the  March Moth...say no more!


                                                                                White Shouldered House Moth                              Photo : Ken Willetts


                                                                                    March Moth                                            Photo : Ken Willetts

17 March Caroline Roseman saw a Mink today on a stream near to her at Lower Rochford.

16 March Jim MacDonald was driving on the A49 out towards Ludlow this evening and came across a dead Polecat on the road. He noticed it was still there on his return journey, so stopped and picked it up putting it in a plastic sack.  Jim spoke with the Vincent Wildlife Trust who took the animal away to do various tests which might help to shed information on this very secretive species which is seldom seen, but of which there are plenty, in the Teme Valley.  Jim also spotted a Red Kite over Ludlow town today. No visible wing tags.


                                                                                      Dead Polecat                                            Photo : Jim MacDonald

And from Boraston, Geoff Wookey reports a flock of 60 Meadow Pipit on an ungrazed rough meadow next to Ashbed Woods. The meadow is also covered in ant hills and there were 3 Green Woodpecker feeding on them. Yesterday his dogs put up a pair of Woodcock in the woods.

This afternoon he also saw a Red Kite being harassed by a corvid over Nash church and reports hearing his first Blackcap of the season in full song in the garden today.

13 March And yet more frogs arriving in Jim MacDonald's garden pool!!


                                                                                      Even More Frogs                               Photo : Jim MacDonald

12 March Jim MacDonald says the Frog invasion has started in his pools over night!


                                                                                       Frogs                                            Photo : Jim MacDonald

11 March Tom Blumer spotted a Red Kite two miles west of Newnham Bridge on the A443 today. On the Highwood, Ken Willetts sent in this nice image of a Grey Shoulder Knot moth. It is an interesting moth in that it becomes more scarce nationally as you move south and west. The larvae of this moth are cannibalistic towards each other with the host plant being Oak.


                                                                                    Grey Shoulder Knot                                            Photo : Ken Willetts

10 March At Clifton this week, a friend of Francis Peplow, Phil Newsome photographed this Red Kite circling low. It appears to have tagged wings, yellow and black. We cant see the number, but wonder if its the Wigmore bird 08.


                                                                                 Red Kite - 1                                            Photo : Phil Newsome


                                                                                 Red Kite - 2                                            Photo : Phil Newsome


                                                                                 Red Kite - 3                                            Photo : Phil Newsome

And over at Ludlow, Jim MacDonald photographed this freshly emerged Comma butterfly on the Ivy.


                                                                                 Comma                                            Photo : Jim MacDonald

9 March Geoff Wookey saw a Red Kite on two different occasions today. One over at Ashbed Woods. The second over his garden at Boraston this afternoon. Geoff also reports seeing 5 Meadow Pipits and a Goosander. And later on the same day, Janice Lucas had a Red Kite over Talltrees Stoves on the lower Tenbury road. Same Bird as Geoff?

8 March A friend of Eric Davies's phoned to say he had a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker on his bird feeder in his garden at Abberley. Eric got in his car, camera in hand and managed to get these great images of Europe's smallest and most elusive Woodpecker.



                                                                         Lesser Spotted Woodpecker        Photos : Eric Davies

7 March At Lower Rochford, Caroline Roseman is now seeing several queen bees flying about her garden. She has also seen her first Tortoiseshell Butterfly on a Primrose. On the Highwood, Ken Willetts light trap is now starting to produce a few Spring moth species. These two are very common at this time of year and can often be found in the evenings, nectaring on Sallow flowers.


                                                                                 Hebrew Character                                            Photo : Ken Willetts


                                                                                    Common Quaker                                            Photo : Ken Willetts

6 March Ken Willetts says he's happy. He had his first moth of the year. A single Dotted Border!.

5 March Ken Willetts sent in these lovely garden bird images, saying that moths were still conspicuous by their absence this year so far, which only left birds to photograph!


                                                                                                      Jay                                            Photo : Ken Willetts


                                                                                           Chaffinch - Female                               Photo : Ken Willetts


                                                                                                Coal Tit                                          Photo : Ken Willetts


                                                                                      Male Chaffinch                                  Photo : Ken Willetts


                                                                                      Long Tailed Tit                                  Photo : Ken Willetts

4 March Caroline Roseman over at Lower Rochford saw her first Queen bee of the season this morning. Meantime, at Frith Common, Pete Stevens neighbour, had a pair of Red Kite cicling the house early this morning.

1 March Ken Willetts sent in this image of a squirrel that's causing a lot of trouble on his bird feeders.


                                                                                     Grey Squirrel                            Photo : Ken Willetts

24 February Jim MacDonald found this lovely Peacock butterfly yesterday as he was moving a pile of bricks to build a raised flower border.  He reckons it must be several weeks early - as it wasn't flying.    He felt it was too cold to be outside so put it in the greenhouse.  Looked this morning and it must have found somewhere else to go to as it had moved.   He says he also saw a Red Admiral flying in Mortimer Forest a week ago. So the over wintering Butterflies are starting to emerge.


                                                                                     Peacock Butterfly                            Photos : Jim MacDonald

19 February At Burford, and slightly west of, Tom Blumer sighted a Red Kite at 10:15 this morning.

18 February On the Highwood, Ken Willetts said that he has still yet to record his first moth of the year, so instead of moths, he's taken up photographing the garden bird population just now. And started with what he calls his 'theme of red birds'.  Great images Ken, as always!


                                                                                      Male Bullfinch                                  Photos : Ken Willetts


                                                                                      Lesser Redpoll                                  Photos : Ken Willetts


                                                                                      Great Spotted Woodpecker                 Photos : Ken Willetts

17 February The first one we've reported this year. This Oak Beauty moth was found by Jim MacDonald over at Ludlow at an outdoor porch light. One of the first large moths of the year to appear in the Teme Valley.


                                                                                      Oak Beauty Moth                            Photos : Jim MacDonald

15 February The Lesser Spotted Woodpecker was back on the Ash tree at Rochford for Wanda Arnold again today.

14 February Every year about this time, it seems that part of Oldwood Common gets fenced off for grazing. John Abbiss who lives up alongside the Common has noted that at these times, there can arrive large flocks of birds. Today he had a flock of usually quite elusive Meadow Pipit turn up.


                                                                                        Meadow Pipit                            Photos : John Abbiss



                                                                                         Meadow Pipit                            Photos : John Abbiss


10 February At Rochford Wanda Arnold had a great record on the large Ash just outside the house, a tiny Lesser Spotted Woodpecker. Only ever been one other record from this site in the last ten years. Wanda says that she was attracted to the incessant and rapid knocking on the bark of the tree, which gave away the birds location.

9 February At Boraston Geoff Wookey had a Red Kite over the house today, with Black and Yellow wing tags. The number couldn't be made out, but it could well be the Wigmore bird again seen last week.

Meanwhile, at Lower Rochford Caroline Roseman took this picture of a Song Thrush breaking into a snail shell for lunch.


                                                                                         Song Thrush                            Photos : Caroline Roseman

7 February With the absence of moths owing to the cold weather we are experiencing, Ken Willetts turned his camera lens on to some of the birds found in his garden. Some stunning images here Ken!


                                                                                            Long Tailed Tit                            Photos : Ken Willetts


                                                                                      Female Bullfinch                                      Photos : Ken Willetts


                                                                                          Male Chaffinch                               Photos : Ken Willetts


                                                                                                Goldfinch                                      Photos : Ken Willetts


                                                             Stunning ariel combat - Goldfinch squabbling              Photos : Ken Willetts

5 February And another reported Muntjac, this time for Brian Marsh who had one in his garden at Eardiston today, in broad day light.

3 February Danny Arnold had sight of a Muntjac on the drive at dusk tonight at Upper Rochford. First time its been seen this year though it has been heard barking over the past three nights.

2 February John Abbiss sent in these images of three different Corvids which come down into his back garden at Oldwood Common. Great images John!


                                                                                                Magpie                                        Photo : John Abbiss


                                                                                         Carrion Crow                                        Photo : John Abbiss


                                                                                                Jackdaw                                        Photo : John Abbiss

1 February Chris & Jenny Rodgers sent in this wonderful image together with the caption " I was only a size 8 when I got in here! " We love it!! They assured us, that he did eventually get out the same day! A whole new meaning to a Bird in a Cage!


                                                                        I was only a size 8 when I got in here!         Photos : Jenny Rodgers

30 January Stuart Smith spooked a Woodcock from a tree plantation on his patch at Wolferlow today.

29 January Caroline Roseman has been out with her camera this morning and recorded these images from her local patch at Lower Rochford.


                                                                                     Aconites flowering                       Photos : Caroline Roseman


                                                                                     Lichen on gate post                       Photos : Caroline Roseman


                                                                                     Hibernating Butterfly                       Photos : Caroline Roseman

27 January Ken Willetts too, had a Red Kite over the house this morning. Ken says it was quite poor light, so difficult to photograph. He did however get this image which clearly shows a Black/Yellow tag with 08 on it. This bird has been seen in the Teme Valley last year and is a two year old bird that was bred over at Wigmore in 2013.


                                                                            Red Kite wing tagged black/yellow 08              Photos : Ken Willetts

26 January Emma Maltravers spotted a Red Kite at Eastham today.

25 January Over at Neen Savage, Eric Davies took part in the RSPB's Bird Count weekend and recorded these two species amongst many others. Bullfinches seem to have had a real revival in the Teme Valley over the last couple of years, and its always nice to see the Winter Lesser Redpoll back in the gardens, this being only the second reported record of them this year. Eric had a small group of five today.


                                                                                         Lesser Redpoll                                      Photos : Eric Davies


                                                                                         Bullfinch Male                                      Photos : Eric Davies


23 January At Knighton on Teme, Richard Pill managed to get a couple of images of a Red Kite flying over the house. Anybody else been seeing this bird? Let us know.



                                                                                         Red Kite                                      Photos : Richard Pill

20 January From the lens of Ken Willetts on the Highwood, some more birds from his garden.


                                                                                          Blackbird                                      Photo : Ken Willetts


                                                                                          Pied Wagtail                                      Photo : Ken Willetts

19 January At Lower Rochford, Spring has sprung. Caroline Roseman took these images of signs of early growth in the hedgerows.


                                                                                             Hazel Catkins                        Photo : Caroline Roseman


                                                                                              Elder bud breaking                        Photo : Caroline Roseman


                                                                                              Alder Catkins                        Photo : Caroline Roseman

16 January Over at Ashbed Woods & ponds Geoff Wookey has had in the last few days, sightings including a male Mandarin Duck and male Teal plus two male and one female Gossander. He's also seen his first Cormorant of the winter. Also In the woodland itself, his dogs put up a Woodcock.

15 January At Upper Rochford, Danny Arnold spooked a Woodcock out of the undergrowth down by the pools this lunchtime. First one for several years.

Meantime, up on the Highwood, Ken Willetts sent in these fantastic bird pictures taken in his garden today.


                                                                                            Blue Tit                                      Photo : Ken Willetts


                                                                                            Green Finch                                      Photo : Ken Willetts


                                                                                    Great Tit                                      Photo : Ken Willetts

12 January Another great record from Caroline Roseman. Last year, Caroline recorded a very rare Oil Beetle on her patch. Guess what?.....She has found another one this year. Meloe rugosus Rugged Oil Beetle as is its official title, is not just rare locally, it's rare nationally. A great start to the year! (ID Confirmed by Rosemary Winnal).



                                                                                           Rugged Oil Beetle                       Photos : Rosemary Winnal

11 January At Lower Rochford, spring has come early at Caroline Roseman farm. Caroline had the first Snowdrops up on the 2nd January and first Daffodils on the 6th !!


                                                                                    First Snowdrops out 2nd Jan!            Photo : Caroline Roseman


                                                                                              Primrose                        Photo : Caroline Roseman


                                                                                    First Daffs out 6th Jan!                        Photo : Caroline Roseman

9 January Over at Wolferlow, Stuart Smith who keeps data coming in for the local common bird survey, sent a note in saying that his species total for his patch in 2014 was 71 species, being just one short of his 72 total in 2013. That is, until the very last day of the year, when his neighbour started ploughing the field next door and in came three Black Headed Gulls, which were new for year, making the 2014 total also 72, the same as in 2013.

At Upper Rochford, Danny Arnold had a moth trap out. It was a really warm night for January last night (11C Low temp) which brought five species into the moth trap including this tiny micro moth Scrobipalpa costella. It has been recorded at light traps in the Valley previously and is usually on the wing typically in late autumn. Clearly this one below, has over wintered and been attracted back out by the unseasonally warm weather last night. The larvae feed on Bittersweet (Woody Nightshade).


                                                                                   819 Scrobipalpa costella                            Photos : Danny Arnold

8 January A warm but windy day yesterday, Ken Willetts managed to take these remarkable close up shots of a Grey Squirrel raiding his bird feeder.




                                                                                   Grey Squirrel close ups                                      Photos : Ken Willetts

7 January Another couple of hard crop photos due to the distance, but Caroline Roseman has again captured the Kestrel that is frequenting her home patch at Lower Rochford.


                                                                                    Hovering Kestrel                        Photo : Caroline Roseman



                                                                                      A distant Kestrel                        Photo : Caroline Roseman


5 January Another stunning light from the setting sun over Rochford today. Caroline Roseman had her camera out and also noted a flock of Fieldfare in the trees taking every advantage of the last of the days heat.


                                                                  Beautiful light of the setting sun                      Photo : Caroline Roseman


                                                                                          Fieldfare Flock                        Photo : Caroline Roseman

4 January And at Lower Rochford again, Caroline Roseman had a Woodcock take off in the woods this morning. Meantime, at Upper Rochford, Danny Arnold had the moth trap out even though it went below freezing last night and was therefore surprised to see a Satellite Moth in the trap this morning. It's a winter species but does not usually fly in very cold weather. The three 'satellite' spots come in either orange or white as in this case.



                                                                                              Satellite                                      Photo : Danny Arnold

2 January At Lower Rochford, Caroline Roseman has also been out with her camera over the festive period and sent in these stunning images. Like Ken, Caroline....we all hope we see some more of your images in 2015.


                                                                                          Red Kite                                      Photo : Caroline Roseman


                                                                               Sunset over the Valley                        Photo : Caroline Roseman


                                                                                          Crab Apples                                      Photo : Caroline Roseman


                                                                                          Winter setting sun                       Photo : Caroline Roseman


                                                                                               Toad                                      Photo : Caroline Roseman


                                                                                          Kestrel                                      Photo : Caroline Roseman

1 January 2015 Happy New Year!

Ken Willetts was out and about with his camera this holiday and took these stunning images from around the garden. Superb quality photos Ken....and we look forward to seeing more during the year.


                                                                                             Jay                                      Photo : Ken Willetts


                                                                                          Gold Finch                                      Photo : Ken Willetts


                                                                                               Marsh Tit                                      Photo : Ken Willetts


                                                               The iridescent colour's of a Cock Pheasant                    Photo : Ken Willetts


                                                                       Jack Frost sculpting on Glass                                      Photo : Ken Willetts

29 December Its been very cold these last couple of days with a hard morning frost. John Abbiss has been out and about on Oldwood Common and took these images.


                                                                                Frozen Bracken                                        Photo : John Abbiss


                                                                      Wood Pigeon in the Ivy                                        Photo : John Abbiss


                                                                      Frozen Bramble in the morning sun                    Photo : John Abbiss

25 December Happy Christmas!!

24 December From the middle of Tenbury, Felicity Beaumont sent in this photo of a Red Kite circling high above her house. Nice Christmas present!.


                                                                      Red Kite over Tenbury                                        Photo : Felicity Beaumont

19 December At Lower Rochford, Caroline Roseman had a Red Kite over the house today, being mobbed by the local Corvid population. Meanwhile, at Wolferlow, Stuart Smith reports seeing his first Grey Wagtail of the year on his patch this week, taking his total birds to 71 species for this year - on his patch.

17 December A distinct case of having woken up too soon. Danny Arnold had a Pipestrel Bat flying around the outside of the house this afternoon, probably enticed out by the unseasonally warm weather today and last night. A very unusual winter record.

10 December Danny Arnold had 14 Buzzards feeding on worms on the field adjacent to Eastham Bridge today.

7 December Out at Neen Sollars, Eric Davies has had half a dozen Mistle Thrush in his orchard over the past few weeks. Many of these may well be Scandinavian birds from the continent.


                                                                                    Mistle Thrush                   Photo : Eric Davies

23 November As Ken Willetts noted in his email message attached to this image, when this moth turns up, the appropriately named December Moth, its a sure sign that Christmas is around the corner! Ken trapped and recorded this specimen to light over night.


                                                                                     December Moth                                      Photo : Ken Willetts

21 November At Clifton, Liz Rowe rang to say that she had seen a large flock of Lapwing on a field by her house. Nice to see these birds returning to our local fields again this year.

20 November On Oldwood Common, the combination of damp and warm conditions, have brought forth a plethora of fungi. John Abbiss who lives along side the Common, sent in these images. John says that the third image here, the Dogs Vomit Slime Mould, looks just like, well, er....Dogs Vomit!! (Thanks for that John!!)


                                                                                       Waxcap Fungi                                                Photo : John Abbiss


                                                                                       Waxcap Fungi                                                Photo : John Abbiss


                                                                        Dogs Vomit Slime Mould                                        Photo : John Abbiss


                                                                                        Puffball fungi                                                Photo : John Abbiss


                                                                                        Puffball fungi                                                Photo : John Abbiss

14 November At Upper Rochford, Danny Arnold has been seeing for the past couple of days, large (30+) flocks of Mistle Thrush passing through. Easily identifiable by the extreme noise they make whilst feeding on the berry trees locally.

2 November Over at Wolferlow, Stuart Smith added to his garden list, a Red Kite which was circling over the house for the first time. Amazingly, Stuart also had a flock of about forty Redwing on his patch today. Same birds as Danny saw yesterday maybe??

1 November At Upper Rochford, Danny Arnold saw the first Redwing flock of the year, flying at tree level towards Upper Sapey. Also at Upper Rochford, Caroline Roseman had a Red Kite flying over the house yesterday.

31 October On the high wood, Ken Willetts ran his light trap again last night and tempted in this tiny Ladybird along with a Feathered Thorn Moth and a very late Dark Arches moth.


                                                                                                 Ladybird                                      Photo : Ken Willetts


                                                                                           Dark Arches                                      Photo : Ken Willetts


                                                                                   Feathered Thorn                                      Photo : Ken Willetts

22 October In a sheltered location over on Oldwood Common, John Abbiss came across these late flowering plants, a nice blue bell flower and a Marsh Thistle.


                                                                                   Marsh Thistle                            Photo : John Abbiss


                                                        Flowers are still around on Oldwood Common                      Photo : John Abbiss

29 October Down at Eastham Bridge, the fields have once again got several Buzzards in them. They are clearly attracted to, and feeding on worms in the top soil. Pete Stevens reported 9 down there today.

22 October Quite a few of them about now, but still a stunning bird, even in the rain....stood on one leg keeping the other dry!

This pheasant image taken at Pete and Vicki's house at Lower Frith. The second image is of a large Hornet, which got into the bedroom to escape the rain!


                                                                                             Male Pheasant                                     Photo : Vicki Stevens


                                                                                              Hornet                                             Photo : Vicki Stevens

20 October More from the lens of John Abbiss at his home at Oldwood Common. A great image of a Nuthatch sorting his winter fuel supply out. Followed by an interesting little plume moth Amblyptilia acanthadactyla and lastly a Spotted Cranefly.


                                                                                            Nuthatch                                      Photo : John Abbiss


                                                                         Amblyptilia acanthadactyla                                     Photo : John Abbiss


                                                                          Spotted Cranefly                                      Photo : John Abbiss

20 October Ken Willetts on the Highwood had a light trap out last night and attracted in one of the most spectacular of the british moth species, the Merveille de Jour. This stunning moth is quite widespread across the Teme Valley, but is always a pleasure to see close up.


                                                                            Merveille de Jour Moth                                      Photo : Ken Willetts

16 October John Abbiss over at Oldwood Common, found this colourful Scorpion fly on his roses today. John also made note of the fact that having lived in the house for some 7 years now, this week was the first time he had ever had a Grey Wagtail in the garden.


                                                                            Scorpion Fly                                      Photo : John Abbiss

10 October Tim Studer over at Martley had a great sighting today of what he believes was an Osprey. He says that it had landed in a conifer some way off, which gave him a good chance to look at it, before it flew of in a Southerly direction, presumably making a late migration to warmer climes.

9 October Diana Parkin was busy pruning her roses today when the secateurs were just about to lop this stick appendage. Fortunately enough she stopped herself just in time as she realised it was a caterpillar. Using the Teme Valley Wildlife Groups library, she was able to identify this as the caterpillar of the Peppered Moth, as stunning black and white moth species which is found as an adult fairly regularly at light traps in the area. Finding the caterpillar larvae however, is a little more difficult!. And its easy to see why!


                                                                            Peppered Moth Larvae                                      Photo : Diana Parkin

4 October Steph Mocroft the TV Wildlife Groups regular botanist, sent in these brilliant images from the Wild Bird Seed Field. As can be seen, this late bout of warm weather has really brought on the Sunflower heads and there now, should be lots of seeds for over wintering teme valley birds.




                                                             Wild Bird Seed field, in full bloom                                      Photos : Steph Mocroft

2 October Simone and Roger Arnold sent in this image of a Great diving Water Beetle coming out of their garden pond. They say this is the first time they have seen one and didn't even know there were any in the pond.


                                                                         Great Diving Water Beetle        Photo : Simone Arnold



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